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Let Stephanie Train Your Team


“Every educator should attend this seminar. All members of our student success teams at the school level: principals, vice-principals, teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers, and child and youth workers, attended “De-escalating Distressed Youth: Coping with Trauma.”  Stephanie possesses a knowledge of, and a clear ability to disseminate a depth understanding of the emotional needs, not only of at-risk students, but of human beings in general. This workshop contributed to my growth, both professionally and personally. This new awareness is like nothing else I have experienced before. It was monumental.”

Gina Michaud
Director of Pedagogical Services Gr.7-12
Student Success Leader
CSC Providence Catholic School Board

Community Professional Development Provided

  • 2020 City of Windsor Children’s Services: Self-regulation and Emotional Intelligence
  • 2020 Greater Essex County District School Board, Specialist High Skills Major: Behaviour Management
  • 2020 Greater Essex County District School Board, Specialist High Skills Major: Advanced Training in a Technique – Meditation
  • 2019 CSC Providence Catholic School Board: De-escalating Emotionally Distressed Youth-Coping with Trauma
  • 2018 University of Windsor, Faculty of Education: Mindfulness in the Classroom-Practical Strategies for Teachers
  • 2018 Lakeview Montessori Mental Health Conference, Childhood Anxiety- Causes and Solutions
  • 2019 Walpole Island First Nation Special Needs Conference, Bkejwanong Kinomaagewgamig, Diet and Nutrition – The Relationship between Behaviour and Food
  • 2018 Self-regulated Learning – Practical Strategies for Teachers
  • 2017 Self-regulation – Moving Toward Independence